No History is Illegal

The fight continues for the Ethnic Studies program in Arizona. Join thousands of teachers and activists around the world in solidarity to "save our stories." Download curriculum, fliers, videos, and pledge your support!


The fight for the DREAM Act continues. will keep you informed with the latest information and resources. is another great site that will keep you informed and help you get involved in the fight.

Drop the i-Word Video

Tucson Youth Host Their Own Chicano Studies
The Chicano Studies program in Arizona has been under attack for the past few years. This article explains how the youth have fought back, and have pursued their education in spite of the district's rulings and attacks.

Drop the I-Word Campaign
Drop the i-Word is a campaign to stop using the word "illegal" to describe the documentation status of immigrants. People cannot be illegal. Pledge your support, get resources, and join in the campaign.