07 March 2012

Resistencia the Film

Resistencia is a documentary sharing the story of Hondurans today, the atrocities and injustices they have been facing since the coup of July 2009. Houses, schools, and churches have been burned and destroyed. Hundreds of campesinos (farmers) and community organizers have been assassinated, as corporation and political elites take control over the land in Aguan Valley. Watch the trailer below to learn about how the people are fighting back!

12 February 2012

Legal Paths to Immigration

This fabulous flowchart published by the Reason Foundation expresses the complications and problems of the current pathways to legal immigration.

11 February 2012

Sociopolitical Advocacy

Thanks to everyone who was a part of this process and will continue to be.

No History is Illegal

The fight continues for the Ethnic Studies program in Arizona. Join thousands of teachers and activists around the world in solidarity to "save our stories." Download curriculum, fliers, videos, and pledge your support!


The fight for the DREAM Act continues. www.dreamact.info will keep you informed with the latest information and resources.

http://www.dreamactivist.org/ is another great site that will keep you informed and help you get involved in the fight.

New Immigration Rule for Spouses of U.S. Citizens

New rule proposed that would make it easier for immigrant spouses of U.S. citizens to apply for legal status.

Proof of Citizenship Bill in Colorado

Legislation that addresses the claim that thousands of undocumented immigrants voted last year in Colorado.


Florida Senate blocks undocumented children in-state tuition rates

With the DREAM Act still in the works, many states have taken the fight upon themselves. Read about what is going on in Florida:

Kansas Immigration Law

Kansas business owners ask legislators to start program to give undocumented immigrants hard-to-fill jobs.


Bilingual Border Cities

English as the official language? Read about what is going on in border cities now:


AlterNet is an alternative news site that provides the latest information and headlines about what is happening in the world in terms of immigration, rights, environment, and more.

Drop the i-Word Video

Tucson Youth Hosts their own Chicano Studies

The Chicano Studies program in Arizona has been under attack for the past few years. This article explains how the youth have fought back, and have pursued their education in spite of the district's rulings and attacks.

Explaining the Broken Immigration System

A flowchart that makes an extremely complicated issue a little more clear. Reason.org shows the breakdown of our broken immigration system.

Drop the i-Word

Drop the i-Word is a campaign to stop using the word "illegal" to describe the documentation status of immigrants. People cannot be illegal. Pledge your support, get resources, and join in the campaign.

Do-it-Yourself Deportation

A new idea of one of the Republican presidential candidate hopefuls.

Zinn Education Project

Howard Zinn was an activist, educator, and one of the most influential thinkers in this time. The Zinn Education Project is a fabulous resource that complies lesson plans and curriculum to teach multicultural and politically conscious lessons.

10 February 2012

Indy Kids

Indy Kids is an alternative newspaper written just for kids. Classroom sets and PDFs are available for a low price. Support alternative news!

Understanding Arizona's Immigration Law

Teach students about Arizona's Immigration law and encourage critical thinking. Teachable Moment provides great resources for students of all ages.

Universal Human Rights for Kids

This site has great resources for teaching human rights in language that students can understand.

New Americans in Minnesota

The Immigration Policy Center (http://www.immigrationpolicy.org/) works to research the issues surrounding immigration policy in the United States. There are many excellent resources on their site. The link below is a fact sheet of "The New Americans in Minnesota."

Shattered Families

The Applied Research Center published a new study about the connections between immigration enforcement and the foster care system. Follow the link below for the executive summary.